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Handshake Protocol

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Leverage My Experience

Hi! I’m Jared, and I’ve been doing software engineering for a little while now. I’ve stuffed nearly everything I’ve learned about the software engineering hiring process into a guide hat will help you break into software engineering.

Why I Care

I’d prefer that everyone who puts in the effort to learn how to code, whether that's through a coding bootcamp, self-taught, or through a four-year computer science degree finds the job of their dreams. That's why I poured my energy into making this guide.

Learn My Secrets

Follow a simple process to finding an employer you actually want to work for…

Learn the system to get companies excited to meet you before you’ve even applied…

Understand the difference between an offer you should accept and one you should reject…

About The Alpha Version

Alpha versions of software are pre-release, early version that are part of a dedicated testing process. That's the case here as well except I'm testing in the open. There are mis-spellings, confusing sections, missing sections, and all sorts of issues. However, I believe that there's enough value here that I wanted to release it so those that are hurting to find a job can learn and apply what is there even before the book is officially released as a finished product.

Here is (roughly) how far along each section is:

  • Preface - 80%
  • Introduction - 50%
  • Initiate - 80%
  • Plan - 50%
  • Monitor - 0%
  • Education - 90%
  • Experience - 90%
  • Expertise - 90%
  • Exhibition - 0%
  • Prep - 90%
  • Execute - 90%
  • Close - 0%

Stay tuned for updates. If you have questions or concerns, my email will is provided in the book. I'd ask that you don't rate the product here on Gumroad until I've had a chance to address your questions or concerns. I'd rather help your problem than have you be unhappy!

Why Buy?

This book is $39. Why? The median salary for software engineers with less than 1 year of experience is about $87,907. That's $42 hourly. If I can help you find the right company to apply to, put together a resume that gets you an interview, help guide you through the interview process, and help you evaluate offers in such a way that it saves you even one hour of time this book will have paid for itself.

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As a coding bootcamp grad, you can leverage my ten years of software engineering experience to find a tech job that matters, get hired, and get paid what you deserve.

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Handshake Protocol

2 ratings
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